The Puppy

Great Dane puppies are typical of the giant breeds and need a careful combination of correct feeding, exercise and sleep in order to ensure they make good bones. It is advisable to follow the diet sheet your puppy’s breeder gave you and if in doubt refer back to them. It is important to get them use to having their nails trimmed, teeth brushed and ears cleaned. Grooming should be conducted regularly, particularly when they are losing their puppy coat.

The Adult

A Dane will usually reach its full height by 12-14 months, then take another year or so to mature. Their diet will have changed as will the frequency at which they are fed.

The Elderly

Great Danes tend to show their age from about 7 years of age. They take life at a gentler pace, cherish their routines more than ever and tend to feel the cold. If they have the odd accident they will usually be embarrassed, to which telling them off serves no purpose.

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