Rules of the Great Dane Breeders & Owners Association

1. Name

The name of the Association shall be The Great Dane Breeders’ & Owners’ Association.

2. Objects

The objects of the Association shall be:

(1) To encourage the breeding of quality Great Danes.
(2) To regularise and maintain the qualities, colour, classification and type of the Great Dane and, more particularly, to
  urge the adoption of the Kennel Club’s breed standard on all breeders and judges.
(3) To co-operate with and extend and amplify the efforts of other clubs, leagues, societies and associations formed for
  the like or similar purpose.
(4) To provide and contribute to prizes, awards and distinctions for merit in connection with the breeding, rearing and
  exhibition of Great Danes.
(5) To make known to the public the excellent qualities of the Great Dane and to do all things that may be deemed
  advisable and necessary to promote the interests of the Members of the Association.
(6) No member may use their connection with the Association for advertising or publicity purposes.

3. Members

Any reputable person shall be eligible for membership of the Association. The liability of a member shall be limited to their annual subscription. A list of members and their addresses will be available for inspection, if so requested, by a member of the Association or by the Kennel Club. A declaration of the number of members of the Association will be made with the Annual Returns.

4. Admission

The election of members shall be vested in the Committee. A candidate for admission shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the Association who shall be personally responsible for his/her eligibility and liable for his/her first year’s subscription. Application for membership must be sent to the Secretary. Voting shall be by ballot of the Committee. A majority vote of members of the Committee shall exclude an applicant and an interval of one year shall elapse before the applicant shall again be eligible for election. Upon the election of a candidate, the secretary shall notify him/her accordingly in writing and furnish him/her with a copy of the rules and request him/her to pay his/her first year’s subscription. Each member shall be entitled to vote after membership of 12 months and one day.
The Annual General Meeting shall, on the recommendation of the Committee, have the power to elect as Honorary Members of the Association such persons as, in the opinion of the Committee, by their good work for the Association and the breed in general, are deserving of this honour. Any member wishing to recommend any person for Honorary Membership shall forward such recommendation to the Secretary, in writing, giving full particulars of the reason for granting such honour. No person shall be elected to Honorary Membership unless recommended to the Annual General Meeting by the Committee.

5. Subscription

The annual subscription to the Association, payable on the 1st January in each year, shall be such amount as agreed by members in General Meeting and notified to the Kennel Club. The subscription of a member elected after the 1st October in any year shall cover a period up to the end of the following year, No other form of payment shall entitle to membership. The subscription of a newly elected or re-elected member shall be payable upon his/her election or re-election.
No member shall be allowed to vote or compete for any of the prizes or trophies of the Association or in any way whatsoever enjoy the privilege of membership until his/her current subscription and all other outstanding amounts due by him/her to the Association has been paid. The payment of the subscription shall be deemed an acknowledgement of and acquiescence of the member in the rules and regulations of the Association.

6. Officers

The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, not more than four Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and any other Officers deemed advisable by the Committee. The Officers shall be ex-officio members of the Committee with full voting rights and shall retire every three years, but shall be eligible for re-election, except the Secretary, the term of whose appointment shall be determined by the Committee.

7. Committee

(1) The Committee shall consist of the Officers and not more than seven members, who shall serve for a period of 3 years, but be eligible for re-election. The Committee shall elect one of their body to be Chairman during their term of office. Three members of the Committee shall form a quorum.
(2) The Committee shall have power to delegate their authority to a sub-committee, consisting of the Secretary and two or more members of the Committee.
(3) The Committee shall have power to obtain the advice, opinions or assistance of any member of the Association who may not be a member of the Committee or of any person who may be associated with any other association, club, league or canine organisation of a like or similar nature.
(4) If any member shall fail to attend three Committee meetings running without furnishing a satisfactory reason, the member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Committee and their place shall be filled by co-opting another member in accordance with Rule 8(h).

8. Election of Committee

(a) On or before the 1st February in each year, the Secretary shall send to each member of the Association of 30 months standing a form of invitation to act on the Committee for the ensuing year. If elected, and provided the Member shall be eligible for election in accordance with sub-section (b) hereof, their name shall be included in the list referred to in sub-section (d) hereof.
(b) No Member shall be eligible for election to the Committee unless, at the time of his/her election, he/she can be deemed to be a breeder of Great Danes and/or is the owner of at least one Great Dane of which the Kennel Club records show him/her to be the registered owner and is a fully paid up member of the Association.
(c) At the election of the Committee only members whose subscriptions are fully paid up to date shall be entitled to vote.
(d) Twenty-one days before the Annual General Meeting the Secretary shall send to each fully paid up member of the Association a Voting Paper, together with a plain envelope and a numbered envelope. The Voting Paper shall contain an alphabetical list of the candidates eligible and consenting to election on the Committee and the number of meetings held the previous year and the attendance of those members of the Committee seeking re-election.
(e) Members shall place an ‘X’ against the name or names of those candidates whom they wish elected. The Voting Paper shall then be placed in the plain envelope and returned in the outer numbered envelope to an independent member of a recognised profession, who shall be known as the custodian, so that it shall reach him/her at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting. No member shall vote for more candidates than there are vacancies to be filled.
(f) The Custodian shall open the numbered envelopes prior to the meeting and shall count the votes and deliver a list in descending order of the number of votes in a sealed envelope to the Secretary, who will open the envelope at the meeting and read the result of the ballot. At such meeting those candidates shall be declared elected to the Committee who have received most votes. The original voting papers shall be retained by the Custodian and destroyed by him/her on the instruction from the Committee after the meeting.
(g) If any candidate after being elected is unable or unwilling to serve, the candidate having the next largest number of votes shall be elected. If any candidates obtain an equal number of votes, the Committee shall select by lot from such candidates the number required to complete the Committee.
(h) Any casual vacancy occurring by the Committee in any year may be filled by the Committee subject to sub-section (b) of this Rule, but any member so chosen shall retain office so long only as the member whom he/she succeeds would have retained office had no vacancy occurred,
(i) No person whilst an undischarged bankrupt may serve on the Committee of or hold any other office or appointment within a Kennel Club Registered Society.

9. Election Of Officers

The Committee shall nominate the Officers (except the Kennel Club Breed Representative) and their names shall be circulated to the members by the Secretary and shall be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting. The Kennel Club Breed Representative shall be elected in accordance with Kennel Club Regulations.

10. Property

The property of the Association shall be vested in Trustees, who are the appointed Committee

11. Management

The entire management of the Association shall be entrusted to the Committee. The Committee shall have power to arbitrate in cases of dispute between members when asked by both parties to do so and their decision in such cases shall be final. The Committee shall have power to deal with any question relating to the management of the Association not provided for by these rules.

12. Committee Meetings

There shall be meetings of the Committee as often as may be deemed necessary, but at least every six months. Not less than six clear days’ previous notice in writing shall be given or sent by post by the Secretary to each and every member of the Committee.
13. General Meetings

A General Meeting of the members of the Association shall be held at least once a year and fourteen days’ previous notice in writing shall be given or sent by post to each and every member of the Association.
On or before the 1st February in each year the Secretary shall send to each member of the Association a notice for the submission of items for inclusion on the Agenda.
The nature of the business to be conducted will be to receive the report of the Committee and certified balance sheet, to elect Officers and to discuss any resolution duly placed on the Agenda of which prior notice has been given to the Secretary. No business shall be transacted at an Annual General Meeting unless notice thereof appears on the Agenda, with the exception of routine matters or those which in the opinion of the Chairman of the meeting are urgent.
At every General Meeting of the Association the President or, in his/her absence, a Vice-President, or in the absence of both, a Chairman elected by the members present shall preside.
In the case of an equal number of votes on any point the Chairman shall have a casting vote. Unless a poll shall be demanded by at least two members, a declaration by the Chairman that a resolution has been carried or lost shall be conclusive. If a poll shall be so demanded, it shall be taken in such manner as the Chairman may direct.

14. Extraordinary General Meetings

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of the Association shall be called on requisition in writing to the Secretary, signed by 35 members. Whereupon fourteen days’ notice in writing shall be given or sent by post by the Secretary to all members, specifying the objects of the meeting to which alone discussion shall be confined. The Committee have the power to call an EGM at their discretion.

15. Voting by Proxy

Any member absent from either a General, Extraordinary General or Committee Meeting, may appoint any other eligible member to vote for him/her at such meeting by giving written notice to the Secretary seven clear days prior to the meeting. Such proxy shall be available only for the subject or subjects named therein.

16. Reports of Meetings

No member shall publish or cause to be published either in part or in whole an account of the proceedings of any meeting whatsoever of the Association. Reports of the proceedings may only be furnished to the Press or otherwise when and where deemed advisable in the interests of the Association by the Chairman and Secretary.

17. Officers Honorary

All Officers of the Association shall be honorary and no member shall be allowed to make the Association a means of private speculation or trade or directly or indirectly derive a money profit therefrom.

18. New Rules

All new rules or alterations to existing rules or the reversal of any former act or decision shall be made at a General or Extraordinary General Meeting and shall be notified to all members as soon as possible after such meeting. Such new rules or alterations of existing rules or reversal of any former act or decision shall not be adopted unless they receive the sanction of at least two-thirds of the members voting. Such alternations shall not be brought into force until the Kennel Club has been advised and has given its approval of that alteration. New rules or amendments introduced specifically to meet Kennel Club requirements shall be adopted immediately and be included in the Association’s constitution with effect from the Association’s Annual Meeting.

19. Finance

All expenses properly incurred by the Secretary or Treasurer, with the consent of the Committee, for and on behalf of the Association, shall be defrayed out of the general or special funds of the Association alone. The financial year shall end on 31st December each year.

20. Annual Report

An annual report will be available to members upon written request to the Secretary.

21. Expulsion of Members

Any member who shall be suspended under Kennel Club Rule A42.j.(5) and/or any member whose dog(s) is/are disqualified under Kennel Club Rule A42.j.(9) shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Association for the duration of the suspension and/or disqualification. If the conduct of any member shall, in the opinion of the Committee of the Association, be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or interests of the Association, the Committee of the Association may, at a meeting the notice convening which includes as an object the consideration of the conduct of the member, determine that a Special General Meeting of the Association shall be called for the purpose of passing a resolution to expel him/her. Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be sent to the accused member, giving particulars of the complaint and advising the place, date and hour of the meeting that he/she may attend and offer an explanation. If, at the meeting, a resolution to expel is passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting, his/her name shall forthwith be erased from the list of members and he/she shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a member of the Association, except that he/she may, within two calendar months from the date of such meeting, appeal to the Kennel Club upon and subject to such conditions as the Kennel Club may impose. If an expulsion takes place the Association will report the matter in writing to the Kennel Club within seven days and supply any particulars required. No member so expelled shall have any claim against the Association or be entitled to repayment of any part of his subscription and shall forthwith return to the Association any cups or other trophies that, being the property of the Association, are in his/her possession at the time of such expulsion.

22. Resignation of Membership

Any member may withdraw from the Association on sending notice of his/her intention, in writing, to the Secretary at any time before the expiration of the current Association year. Any member leaving the Association shall not be entitled to receive back any money he/she may have paid to the Association during his/her membership or have any claim against the Association. Any member so withdrawing from the Association shall be deemed to be a member until such time as his/her resignation shall have been accepted by the Committee and duly acknowledged in writing by the Secretary.

23. Disputes

The Great Dane Breeders’ and Owners’ Association acknowledges the Kennel Club as the final Court of Appeal in all cases of dispute.

24. Federation

The Association shall not join any Federation of Societies or Clubs.

25. Notices

All notices shall be sent to the last recorded address of the respective members in the list of members and shall be considered as being duly delivered when such notices are posted.

26. Duties of Members

It shall be the duty of every member to forward the interest of the breed and the Association and strive to promote honourable dealings in all canine matters and to report of the Association any irregularities affecting the Association or its members.

27. Disposal of Assets

In the event of the Association for any reason ceasing to exist, any cups donated by persons who cannot be contacted shall, if necessary to pay off debts, be realised. The remaining cups and trophies shall be returned to the donors where possible, any balance remaining being given to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. If the Association is wound up or ceases to be a Registered Society, a final statement of audited accounts with a record of the disposal of the property of the Association shall be forwarded to the Kennel Club within six months and the persons named as Officers and Committee of the Association on the last return furnished to the Kennel Club will be held responsible by the Kennel Club for the proper winding up of the Association.

28. Banking Account

A banking account shall be opened in the name of the Association into which all revenue of the Association shall be paid and from which withdrawals shall only be made on the signature of two or more Officers,. Cheques should only be signed for a clearly specified and authorised purpose. Under no circumstances should blank cheques be signed.

29. Committee Members of Other Clubs

No member shall be eligible to serve on the Committee of this Association who is already a committee member of any other club or association of the breed.

30. Judging

No Committee member or Officer shall judge any of the Association’s shows.

31. Annual Returns

The Officers acknowledge that, during the month of January each year, Maintenance of Title fee will be forwarded to the Kennel Club by the Secretary or by direct debit for continuance of registration and that by 31st July each year, other returns, as stipulated in the Kennel Club Regulations for the Registration and Maintenance of Title of Societies and Breed Councils and the Affiliation of Agricultural Societies and Municipal Authorities will be forwarded to the Kennel Club. The Officers also acknowledge their duty to inform the Kennel Club of any change of Secretary of the Association which may occur during the course of the year.

32. Breed Society Judges Lists

The Association shall produce a list of judges each year, which will be submitted to the Kennel Club as part of the Association’s Annual Returns to indicate those persons the Association would support at differing levels of judging. Membership of the Association is not a prerequisite for inclusion in the list. The list will be divided into three parts. A1 will include those persons whom the Association would support and who have previously been approved by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates in the breed. A3 list will include all persons the Association would support to award Challenge Certificates but whom, as yet, have not been approved by the Kennel Club. B list will include all persons the Association would support to judge the breed without Challenge Certificates. The Committee shall vote by secret ballot as to which list the persons will be included on.

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